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I am not able to grab best deals on fiver, What should I do?


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I am actively looking for some great deals on fiver but I am unable to find so. The buyers that come across on my profile have extremely low budget for their tasks. Please let me know what should I do? My Profile - https://www.fiverr.com/anurajnair210?up_rollout=true

Also let me know how I should improve my responses?

You, as a new seller, are uprising your Gigs to ridiculously high prices. Try to lower your price below average price. It will attract more sellers. If you are lucky enough, you could get a few of your first orders. Having good ratings is important on Fiverr, and you will achieve trust from Buyers too.

Another thing I noticed that you are not offering any revisions on your ~220$+ Gig. This is also one of the issues you’ve got. Try offering a bit more revisions. But don’t select Unlimited Revisions, it’s dangerous!

how I should improve my responses?

Be as polite as possible, response fast, try not to do any grammatical problems, be professional and formal with your text and messages.

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You say you are a "team: instead of being a person. This is a thing many buyers want to avoid. Most people want to know the person they are talking to is the person doing the work.

You say you are great but show nothing to prove that - no examples (but you do have grammar errors).

Sadly Fiverr (and all other online places I have tried) encourage “race to the bottom” in both buyers & sellers. This hurts everyone but no one wants to change that.

So you either have to take scraps in-hope that you get 5-star feedback AND further hope that will translate to more sales - in my experience, the flow-through promised does not happen and lower prices mostly attract even scrappier ppl who it is impossible to serve -OR- you put really high pricing and prove that you are better than the $5 hacks and live in-hope some decent client comes along. Both are a hard road, esp if you do complex work.


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