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Buyer need to Understand! Please Help!

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Hi, I don’t why but this thing is happening me every week, There is clearly written everything in my GIG But still some buyer don’t read and just place the order.

A buyer yesterday ordered my service and he sent me a youtube video link and said he just want exact video with just different backgrounds music but The youtube video link he sent me in requirements is already with a Background music but there is no way I can change that video Background music and I ask him almost 10-20times but he is not responding and don’t even sending me the voiceover(only voiceover without bg music) but Still no response.

And Now I have only 6hrs to deliver the order, because of these types of buyer It’s very hard to maintain the stats. Last time a buyer Ordered my service and asking for voiceover but I don’t offer voiceover as it’s already mentioned in my GIG.

I don’t know what to do, Its keep happening and CS is busy too nowadays.

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