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  1. Hi all Fiverr sellers😀I hope you are safe and healthy as always. Maybe there is someone here, who can help me with my confusion about how the Live portfolio works.It seems that when I activate the live portfolio, it will show my portfolio / my works randomly, and not from my recent order. I wonder if there is a way for me to choose which particular image or video from my past works to appear in my live portfolio. Is it possible?The reason that I am requesting this kind of feature is Because I had one gig that displayed my live portfolio from my past works that actually doesn't reflect my best works.I also had another gig that doesn't show any portfolio even though I have activated the Live portfolio feature. Why can it happen like this? I always upload my delivery files directly and not using links nor the zipped files. Thanks in advance for all your help.
  2. their feedback will be shown on your profile, when you reply them by giving feedback as well
  3. their feedback will be shown on your profile, when you reply them by giving feedback as well
  4. Hi, your reply sounds like one of Fiverr staff, always helpful and full of information 😀
  5. right now, there is nothing you can do but wait 😀
  6. you should not deliver 17 when he ask you for 25.
  7. I think it’s best that you deliver the revision now
  8. I heard stories like this couple of times in the forum. :roll_eyes:
  9. Owh just tidying up the line logo changes, I thought it was something new :star_struck: real happy to be part of this great big Family :star_struck:
  10. If Fiverr filtering all sent buyer request it would be really hard work 😁 I have seen weirder buyer request than your post, couple of times people just promote their gig in buyer request 😑
  11. I am agree with @coerdelion about improving your english communication skills. It is the foundation to build career here in Fiverr
  12. believe me, communication skills is very important here on Fiverr. just relax and enjoy the journey, upgrade your english communication skills
  13. not replying the message will lower your average response time
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