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Web Design and CMSs


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I am competent in coding in HTML and CSS with some javascript and PHP. But, obviously this takes longer to produce a website than using a CMS like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla etc. All of which I have used before.

My question is, is it acceptable to offer “Web Design” using a CMS. I am tempted to add more gigs to include pure coding web design for a high price due to the time needed and then separate gigs for CMS based websites, obviously for a much lower price as these are generally easy and quick to setup. But then if a client asks for a website in just code but actually it would benefit from using a CMS, if they want to update it regularly or have complex functionality that doesn’t involve reinventing the wheel as there are plugins already coded with that level of complication.

What do you think/do? And is it successful?

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