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What should I do if a buyer requests too much changes?


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Hello, I’m new here. Recently a buyer requests me to make 150 sticker designs with only slight changes between every single one of them. Since the design is really simple I only charge him / her $20. I put 4 days delivery but I delivered them in 2 days because I have a bad habit of overworking myself. and I have a pre-typed text everytime I deliver my works to them which include “i’ll change some things to you for free”. at that moment I was very tired and didn’t even think to remove them even tho I know from the start that the buyer was really unspecific about things and is no doubt a perfectionist. Now he/she wants so many changes that made me need to change every 150 design I’ve made. it keeps getting worse when he/she wants another change while I already halfway making the previous change. and this buyer needs a long time to respond as well. It might be my fault, but do I have the rights to not do the requests this buyer wants since I’ve done his/her requests before I delivered them?

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