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I Cannot My Behance Website on Profile

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I’ve tried ask this on another forum here, however I have gotten no answer. It’s the same with my Gigs, I have zero gigs since I joined years ago.

However, this is not about my gigs. This question is something that is frustrating me right now. On my profile there are links that are blank right now. One of the Behance, I’ve tried to click on to change many times. I do have a Behance Profile. How do I add that to Fiverr? I’ve tried clicking on the plus sign and nothing happens. What else do I do?

There is no article article on adding additional websites once you have completed your profile whatsoever.

I am getting tired of getting zero people on answer my gig, My analytics is zero. I am taking the course on fixing this.

However, there is no lesson on how to add links to your profile. That’s what I need help with right now.

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