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  1. Hello, Sorry for the late response. I know that there a scammers even on Upwork. They're everywhere. Even though I sound new, I have been on the platform for years. I've even tried to sell my services on Social Media and that didn't work either. I know that it also takes time too. My issue with all this is patients and not being good at marketing. But I still think that Social Media isn't the best way to get clients.
  2. Hello, I am one of those people who find it hard to find work on Fiverr. I am introverted and I don't have any friends. I did read all the suggestions about how to find buyers, but I do have problem with one of them: Social Media. So far on this platform, I have found scammers wanting me to get off the site and onto telegram (Which I will never do because that is breaking Fiverr rules). You can also find scammers looking for job seekers on Social Media. I've been on many Facebook groups and the major of those jobs posted there are from scammers. So, social media isn't the best place to find work through Fiverr. The same goes for LinkedIn and other social media sites. So anyone suggesting to post that you are looking for clients on social media, should not be doing that anymore. There is only one way, which is unfortunate for me, and that is to find friends or family members in real life to become your first client. That way, one will get a testimonial and a referral. I don't have any family members that I know of that is not willing to ask me help them. Many of them live in a country where I can't read and write in their language (That's a story that I don't want to get into here). I know that Fiverr used to have a place here that helped Buyers find Sellers, but I guess that's where the majority of the scammers were. Maybe Fiverr should be like Upwork and find the Buyers, but scan them to see if they are legit. That might be a bit easier. What do you think?
  3. Hello, I know that I am not the only seller who has this issue. I have put out two gigs and both of them were immediately answered by three scammers. However, the problem is that I can only flag one and report it to Fiverr. All three of the scammers are asking me to get off of Fiverr ASAP. I know that one of Fiverr's rules is to mainly communicate on this site. However, for the other two. With the other two, I cannot find a way to report them. With the latest one who wants me to email them at their Gmail account, I just created a label called scam (I am wondering if that is another good thing to do). But my question is, what do I do to those scammers where I can't find the report button on when the contact me? How do I report them to Fiverr? I am going to create more gigs, and I know I'm going to have to wait a while for a real buyer to communicate only via Fiverr to help them with whatever project they need completed.
  4. Hello, I haven't been on this platform in a while. I know that I am supposed to report a scammer if I see one. Yesterday, I deleted all of my gigs and created one new one (I'll create more later). I just received one response, but this person wants me to get off of Fiverr and go onto Telegram (I don't have and will never have Telegram or WhatsApp). I never responded to this message. However, I cannot find a way to report them when they message me. How do I do that?
  5. Hello, It used to be that Fiverr had a link for those who want to look for someone to fill or do something for them. Whatever happened to that? How do we look for clients now?
  6. Hello, Fiverr has changed so much in the last couple of months. Where do I find people looking to hire me on here?
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