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Fiverr test loading!

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Hi, I am new in Fiverr. I am facing a problem when I am trying to give Fiverr test. It’s just loading, not connecting with the question window. I have tried on different browser, result is same, not connecting. Currently I am living in China. What should I do now for this problem?1913303880_fiverrtest.PNG.2f35cda6905330d8d3e609a42461eff2.PNG

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Haven’t really had such issues but it might just be network issues. so just try relaxing and try again later. 👋

Thank you for your suggestion. But I think it’s not network issue. All the window is working well, just test window is not connecting.

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okay, glad to have helped in easing your stress

Now I have tried for another test. I can see the first question, but the same problem, loading… My network is okay, I am really worried about this problem. 😖 Here you can see.

f11878×971 78 KB
f21098×424 13.7 KB
f31917×1039 41 KB
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