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  1. If you get a message while you are asleep but you may not know it, this app helps you to know one. (it's not the auto-refresh app.)
  2. @brandtmaina I'm using a Message Alarm app. you can use it. it gives you an alert when you get a message. you get this application play store and apple store.
  3. Perfect gig image and tag can help you to rank your gigs.
  4. Thank you too. stay with us for knowing about Fiverr.
  5. No. You can add flicker, Vimeo and there are so many portfolio websites which is Fiverr allow.
  6. it’s Fiverr or your network or your browser cache problem. try again later. but if it’s not fixed you can clear your browser cache.
  7. you can use more keyword on your title and you can make Eye-catching image for your gigs.
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