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How many out of 3,723,813 gigs are fake?


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So I’m at work right now, taking a break and sipping my coffee,

and I found this gig where the seller will put a logo on this beautiful pink cupcake. Simple, yet great gig.

Then I scroll down, and I find 3 photos, exactly the same one, pretty much the same description.

I’m not sure if the original seller took that photo herself or she just found it online, but

if it was her original photo, oh boy, there you go again, more rip-off gigs.

So, I typed in “cupcake” for the heck of it, and I saw a rather impressive list of fake gigs, some were

laughably bad, ( the gig title says cupcake, but the photos were random stuff like fried chicken on a stick,

pie charts, box of vegetables, etc, and again all the descriptions belongs to another seller)

it makes me think that maybe those people are doing it just for fun.

It’s too much to report so I don’t think I will contact CS this time, but it does make me wonder, out of the

3,723,813 gigs that are available right now on Fiverr, how many are fake/stolen ones?

I know the fake ones will always be there and we will never get rid of them, but if there was a way to

magically delete all of those fake gigs, I am curious to see what the number would be.

It would be quite amazing if the number went below 2 million! :-?

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