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Please give me some tips to get more project

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I got some messages from buyers that offering me to work with them and then we talked about the project. But why they always go away when I started to give them my offer?

What should I do? to keep them attracted and accepting my offer

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I don’t know what you do but this happens to professional gigs like Mix Engineer all the time as ppl think that for $5 they can send a flushing toilet and 24 hours later get a #1 hit Single that wins more Grammys then Beyonce & Kanye will ever have.

The moment they realize they have to put in any real work and pay for it, pfft.

While offering lower-priced jobs may help, I find it more likely to draw in even more clueless people. It is a catch 22. I have good reviews and still more ghosting than conversations that might lead to my being able to be helping them.

Welcome to 2020

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