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What Has Gone Wrong With Fiverr


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Obviously there has been a policy change or a case of selective discrimination against some sellers on the Fiverr platform.
Over the years Fiverr has been a wonderful platform for people of different nationalities, gender, and race to earn a living, unfortunately that can not be said to be the case again.
What has gone wrong with Fiverr? Why are some sellers having all their gigs either sent to the last page or totally removed from the search engine? in what looks like shadow banning or blacklisting (Note: this has nothing to do with gig performance).
For over a year now, all my gigs have been removed from the search engine, my gigs are not found anywhere, even when you search with keywords, gig titles, etc. yet the account is active with all the stats almost gone down to zero. I have contacted the customer service severally and they kept telling me these lines
1. Your gigs are active, nothing is wrong (Even when my gigs are nowhere to be found)
2. Gig ranking is rotational among sellers (If this is the case why are some sellers having 3-4 of their gigs consistently in the front page when others don’t even have one of their gigs anywhere close. Check Resume writing category)
3. Gig ranking is done by the system and not manually (Unfortunately I find this to be a lie. For instance when my gigs were removed, I also noticed that other sellers of the same country with me were removed as well. Is the system now designed to favor some countries while discriminating against others.)

This post is meant to appeal to whoever that is behind this wrong policy or “Silent discrimination” to please have a rethink. We have always been told that “Fiver is a Fun place to be” can the same be said again?

Best Regards

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