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Decline in Sales since December 2019


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Hello Fiverr community, I have been working here since Sep 2019 and it took me a while to establish myself here. I had been sending buyers requests on daily basis and was lucky enough to get new orders automatically within 45 days but unfortunately in November I got my one late delivery after which my gig stats / impressions started falling drastically. Meanwhile I had been promoted to Level 1 and Level 2 seller subsequently. I had never stopped sending buyers requests and managed to get more than 40 orders from the buyers request and old buyers but didn’t get any new order automatically. My stats are all 100% with overall 5 star ratings. I had been doing SEO on my gigs and kept on promoting on social media website but had no progress. My gigs had been staying static at the last indexes of search. I have even written to customer support for help but nothing solved it. Can you guys please suggest if someone has faced the same problem or guide me if I have missed out something. Thanks a lot!

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