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Looking to reach the next level. Advice and success stories are welcomed


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Hello everyone. I’m not new to Fiverr, however, I am new to the Fiverr forum Community.

Let me start by saying that I am confident enough in my gigs to say that they are incredibly unique and valuable. I just feel like I’m not reaching my target audiences. Here are some gig examples…

  1. http://fiverr.com/mr_hipps/create-celebrity-artwork-featuring-you
  2. http://fiverr.com/mr_hipps/morph-you-into-any-modern-or-classic-video-game-character

    I have been selling for about 4 months now. I’ve had DECENT success with my gig. I have a 100% gig rating and every gig that I do has express delivery. I am also ranked as a level 1 seller. I just feel that the quality of these gigs should be drawing in more consistent customer flow. I use facebook, pinterest and wordpress to market myself.

    I have been using all of my earnings to buy promotional gigs, advice and videos.

    Take a look, point out flaws, give compliments, give examples, add me to your favorites, share your success stories or anything that you can do to help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Everybody,


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Your gigs are quite quirky and might appeal to quite a niche interest - but I reckon you can nail that, you’ve just got to find a way to reach those potential customers. Video quality will factor in sales somewhat, some buyers it may be the crunch that makes them choose you, others may not take it into account, it’s not always easy to gauge.

Remember though, you’ll level up automatically the moment you hit 50 sales as long as your rating as high and you’ve towed the line with the Terms of Service etc. - so it’s looking good for you 🙂 Keep at it!

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So its 50 sales and maintain a high satisfaction rating. Got it!

My gigs are :

Resume help for Finance Positions: http://fiverr.com/resume_wizard/offer-expert-advice-for-editing-your-resume-for-a-finance-position

Resume help for IT positions: http://fiverr.com/resume_wizard/offer-expert-advice-for-editing-your-resume-for-an-internet-technology-position

And so far I have only gotten one order( it was on a gig a had to cancel though. The editors did not like the picture I had for it. A duplicate)

I’m in the process of getting videos for each gig and a unique image.

I guess I just need to keep plugging away at it. I’ll be scouring the forums for sure though!

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