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Buyers who request more work even after you delivered your project


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Dear sellers, 😉
I came across with some buyers who request more work even after complete with your actual work. This happened to me recently. I have done a project and suddenly the buyer requested a revision with additional work as a revision. I have checked with buyers’ additional requirements and found that is something more than the original request. Once after that, I have told him the whole scenario and tried to understand the difference between actual work and the additional work. But it took time for me to convey the message to the buyer. So with all of this what I have learned is, some buyer is not providing in-detail with their request some times. So we need to careful with that type of buyer in order to make our level in Fiverr. I hope this will help anyone who has started up his carrier on Fiverr for a great future. Have a great day to all !!!

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