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  1. Hi, This contains a lot of information! have a look,
  2. It will be nice to add a portfolio. You can edit your Gigs and add relevant details accordingly.
  3. I will be glad to join for seller plus program. I am waiting for it. 🙂 Thank you, Fiverr Team.
  4. Waiting to see it. 🙂
  5. Make sure to reply with simple and nice with the relevant details to the client. That will be helpful in order to get selected for an interview with your client. Hope this helps
  6. That usually happens after you face with a cancellation and Fiverr do usually take a check on Complete 90% of your orders, over the course of 60 days.
  7. It is time for you to surf in forums to find answers you may have and hope it will be a help!
  8. You may check your gigs once again to see if there are anything that is not relevant. Try to do it when your mind is relaxed. That will help you to find out the loopholes and fix it.
  9. Yes, But you are not allowed to mention user names here on Forums. It may lead to a violation for you. Best thing you can do is contact customer support. and let them explain about it. I hope that will help for you!
  10. It matters when it comes to the work quality you deliver not the account old or new. If you are creating a new account, let the Fiverr customer service know about it and create it. Since you cannot have two accounts for you.
  11. This helps me to found a lot of valuable information, and I am thinking of get everything to a one place.
  12. That means, they got the nice reply 186 times till now.
  13. I will start with mine : Getting Started set - 12 Badges Community set - 6 Badges Posting - 2 Badges Trust Level - 2 badges And would like to know if there are other any other badges that what we can earn and learn in the forum. 🙂
  14. Forum is where to learn about the things which we are uncertain about. Hope this helps!
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