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Extremely rude buyer


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Hi there,

I wasn’t sure If I should even mention it here but in the end, I thought I should as perhaps others have also experienced this. I’m probably not allowed to mention names here but that’s fair enough.

I’m a writer here on Fiverr and recently, just yesterday, a buyer contacted me to ask for a sample as he/she wanted someone to write children’s stories for them.

So I sent a sample of a book I had done in UK English for teens and also stated that I’m not experienced at writing children’s stories but I’d give it a try.

Well, the answer I received was extremely rude and accusatory.

First off, he told me he had no idea what several idioms I had used in the story meant and that his theory is that I write stories, use a word substitution program to change the wording and then sell them as original!!

Then he stated that "this is NOT what I am looking for."

Does that sound like a buyer to you?

I sent him a reply saying that you can’t just accuse someone of being a plagiarist, especially when all you are doing is asking them to write for you, especially then!!!

His only reply was "I’ve written you off, your writing sucks!"

I’ll attach the sample I sent him so you can see that it’s not plagiarized in any way.

Has anyone else experienced this here on Fiverr?

What should I do? Should I report them?

Do sellers here disguise themselves as buyers?

I would really appreciate some help here as this is the first time since I joined that I’ve had such a rude buyer.

Thank you.


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Of course you should report him. I’m dealing with a similar situation of a guy who ordered his gig august last year and came back today to leave a bad review. I even sent him a revision to his original message asking for a revision as he told me “his client” did not like the first delivery

Then after all this time he never even checked the revision which I clearly state I give 3 of them to make sure the client is happy with the results. He just gave me that bad review after all this time saying that my gig was awaste of money. Obviously people like this are just trying to hurt ratings and dont even have basic manners to reply to messages.

I would gladly refund someone if after all my stated revisions have been delivered and my work is still not accepted. But a malicious review witth not replies to revisions is not something any seller with a good standing at fiverr should tolerate.

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