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Tell everyone the best thing you bought with Fiverr money


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And this is it!

Just share with everyone the best thing you bought with your Fiverr money.

The most wanted, wished thing you had.

Share with everyone and let everyone celebrate,

I am just for 25 days here, so only got $12 cleared

This is what I bought-

A beautiful photo frame for my mom with our family photo.

The best use I could do with my first Fiverr earnings.

So, what’s your story?

Ready to fly for higher goals?

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I’m currently using my earnings to help pay off my student loans. Granted, I wouldn’t exactly call it a fun purchase. I’d much rather be buying handbags and shoes with my Fiverr income, but it’s nice not to have to take that student loan bill out of my earnings from my regular day job each month! 🙂

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Oh I thought you meant the best fiver gig purchase. Well I used some of my fiverr money to buy the best a most amazing laptop I could ever get for school, I love it - it’s an ASUS ZENBOOK UX31A. I wasn’t planning on spending my money - but was going to save it, but that was a one off purchase, I’m back to saving up now!

My best purchase on fiverr was an amazing graphic Illustrator who drew my avatar of me, which I now use for anything celinedesign related. Worth way more than $5 - I guess that’s why he stopped completing his orders on fiverr - super talented!

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