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Commercial License for Audio


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Some quick advice please, Fiverrians.

A buyer has this morning told me that he doesn’t need to purchase a commercial license or broadcast rights for the audio that I produce for him because “This is not going to be applicable for Bangladesh as we do not have copyright or need any approval for commercial use license.” The audio is an advert that will be used for his business on the radio and for a FB/Instagram competition.

I explained that the audio is produced and sold in the UK and therefore I will need to charge him for a commercial license and broadcast rights and he is very indignant.

Has anyone else come across this?


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It’s nonsense. There isn’t a country anywhere in the world where copyright laws, or the laws pertaining to the rights of Commercial Usage or Broadcast Rights are somehow not relevant. He’s chancing his arm.

We once had a client from a different country tell us that our recording being used on their national radio station “Hardly concerned us” when it came to Broadcast Rights.

In that instance, we cancelled (before going anywhere near a microphone). We refuse to be bullied. The buyer got his money back, but he didn’t get the recording he wanted from us either.

How do you want to proceed? The buyer is unlikely to budge… they may not have the budget to be able to budge, even if they were willing to. Chances are, you’re looking at either giving them what they want, or taking a cancellation.

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