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Please Review my Gigs and give suggestions


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Greetings to all of you!
I am new to the fiverr community and seeking advice for my gigs.
If fiverr forum members could review my gig and give me there suggestions or advice it will be really helpful to me.
I know it will take time to get orders and I am determined for that.
I am not going to give up because freelancing is not a piece of cake 😉.
My profile link:
If anyone finds difficult to review my entire profile ,they can review jut these 2 gigs :
gig 1
gig 2

Thank you

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Great Thinking, your gig looks really professional. I am sure you will get a new order in no time.

Until then, just hang on or use buyers request

Thank you very much for reviewing my gigs.It’s been 26 days without any order.Patience is the key here. 😀

I modify my gig and profile details everyday by learning from others.

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Try buyers request and send a detailed plan of how you can help them, that is how I started, I have been selling here for only 2 months, didn’t get order until first 15 days, and I already have 30+ orders.

Yes buyers request is important for new seller like me.

Hope to crack my first order soon.

Thanks for your advice and I am happy that you have orders now 🙂

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Your gig look masallah. I wish you get an order soon. 🙂

Thank you @reza_asif.

I think I should optimise my gig more and should focus more on buyer request. Because I am a new seller buyer request just come and go. So ,I have to be more aware about the timing of it.Daily I send only 3 to 4 buyer request out of 10, because I always miss the reload part of buyer request 😅

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