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Problem with my fiverr gig


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Hi all! I am new to fiverr and at my entry I was lucky to be on the first page of my tags! but I modified my account maybe 2 or 3 times! currently I can no longer find my account in the fiverr engines! my statistics have turned red and are only going down! what to do?

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It seems like when you edit your gig more than once the algorithm assumes, rightly or wrongly, you are trying to trick it or rig your gig deliberately to attempt to get on the first page and your gig gets severely penalized.

I have resolved to never edit my gigs again unfortunately after running into a bug that wouldn’t allow me to post my gig extras after I tried to edit them, and then due to several attempts to get my best gig posted again with the extras, my gig was made to disappear for an entire year.

I fondly remember a time long ago when I could edit my gigs as often as I wanted to try out various things in the description or images, but those days are long gone.

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