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Troublesome Buyer


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I have been having trouble with a hounding buyer. He was first working with another seller and was dissatisfied. He wanted me to fix the system created by the other seller, In fact he got me to communicate with the other seller to try and fix the system. The other seller had warned me about this buyer.

At that point I had decided not to work for him, but his consistent hounding, sending me messages one after the other. Please do this little one thing for me. I relented and did one job. The process did not stop. he kept sending me messages.

The jobs were give as one liners, without complete instructions. After the jobs were complete the buyer would not want to spend any effort in testing the system, after repeated reminders.

He has periodically been hounding me again and again. I have sent him videos of the work completed. I have very politely told him, i cannot support him anymore.

Today again he started " Please this is the last correction I will never get in touch with you " I fixed the last thing again. and his messages wouldn’t stop. I finally got fed up and blocked him. Now he has got my email ID from some where, and is threatening me that he will contact fiver. Request for a refund, Blacklist me etc etc.

All conversations are on the Fivver chat. till this last threatening mail. Is this something I should worry about

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