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New on fiverr 14 days passed but no order


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I see you don’t even have read time on the forum.
It’s not a get money fast website. You have to work the same hard as if you were opening your business. And by “work hard” I don’t mean completing orders, that in theory should take only 40% of your working time and the rest should go on marketing, learning, research etc etc.
So as you don’t even have read tome on the forum I would assume that you didn’t invest your time into educating yourself on this matter and didn’t even check what was already discussed on this forum to see if you can find useful info.

It’s all in your hands, you might get lucky and orders will start dropping on you by themselves or you might spend whole year just sitting and waiting without any orders.

It’s YOUR business, it’s YOUR responsibility so YOU should start taking at least small steps to help yourself as reading.

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Bro you can get orders. Spend time in this forum. Read articles. Fist get knowledge of this fiverr platform. I hope you can success.
Note please understand still we are new members. So there are many of talented people in this platform. Wait some days
And don’t duplicate same topics. Please see before you adding new topic. All the best

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