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Inactive for 4 years and now back on fiverr


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Hello Everyone,

I was active on Fiverr from 2013 to September of 2015 post which I was inactive for 4 years and now have activated 3 of my gigs.
I am a level 2 seller and have activated the gigs 3 days back and my gig as a 5-star rating.
Please check the gig that I’m talking about :

I see that a lot has changed on Fiverr ever since September 2015.
I stumbled upon a similar thread that is posted however I’m not convinced with the answers there:

Hi, I am here after 5 years. So many things has been changed on fiverr. What do you think? Can I rebuild my fiverr and be success? Please, let me know your thoughts/experiences. Thanks

Please have a look at my gig and let me know if there is anything that I need to change my intro video has remained the same ever since 2015.


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