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As a new comer I need some tips


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Hey guys.I am new in fiverr.I have been here since last one month.I have done only one order.i have a very big team.I can handle a few orders a day.So how can I get a big project from here??Give me some tips please.Thank you all guys.

Give me some tips please.

One of the thing’s that you might have missed is the SEO data, where and how to best apply it.

My tip is to read the tips @lloydsolutions just linked, work your way through the Fiverr courses and make a list of everything in your own writing. Then work your way through all of it one step at a time.

I’m still setting up my first gig on Fiverr, so you’re a bit further along in the process than I am in that regard. I’ve learned in my years as a freelancer that just being talented at your skill set is not good enough. As a freelancer, you are your own marketing, sales and customer service staff as well. That takes some getting used to at first and that’s exactly what such links are for.

I hope you’ll find something that helps you break through 🙂

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