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New seller and custom requests from buyers, may I have your opinion?


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Hi everybody!
I’ve got a point of discussion for those who want to partecipate.

I’m a new seller, I’ve published my gigs in October.
I’ve been lucky since I’ve received 5 orders, and all orders received a 5 stars review. So I’m happy. 🙂
My discussion is about the price. SInce I’m new, I’m trying to do my best and provide the best quality I can, with a low price.

But, sometimes it happens that buyers contact me asking to do an important job with a very low price.

What should you do, if you were me? Usually I tend to negotiate, explaining why I can’t do and offering a little higher price (I’m talking about 10/12$ including extras instead of 5$). But usually I lose the buyer.

May have your opinion?
It will help me in understanding better how to react.

Thank you!!

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