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Confused with fiverr ordering and communication after order is placed

Guest only1philc

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Guest only1philc

I have now ordered from fiverr twice in last several weeks from two different sellers. I didn’t get my gig on the first order ~ don’t believe it was the seller’s fault, it is to me very confusing or maybe I am the stupid one and everyone else gets it.

Today ordered another gig(s) and am facing the same situation. I made the orders, 6 gigs and paid through PayPal. Then I receive a number of email messages saying seller needs information from me to get started. This is fine, I was expecting this. I click on reply and go to the page and click on the To Do at the top, and see list of messages all saying seller needs information to start.

Here is what the messages say:

"Hi, please send (sellers name) the following information to get started:

What I see next are several sentences talking about what the seller can do, all the good qualities the seller has and how the seller will provide the gig with top quality work, etc. etc. This is fine. No problem.

But I don’t see the “the following information” that the seller says in the opening sentence. I hope someone will be able to make sense what I am writing about or am I so stupid and don’t get how fiverr does things. Every message is the same. So how do I get to see what the seller wants me to send? I have contacted fiverr support but have not heard from them. I believe the seller wants to and will do a great job. But I am afraid I am going to end up losing my money and not getting what I have ordered just like I did with the first gig ordered.

I hope someone can clear this up soon otherwise I will go to another source.

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