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I am sending 305 buyer request but i have no order


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I went to check your gig but from what I am seeing I don’t think you’ll be getting orders anytime soon.
Logo design gigs are VERY competitive, and sorry to say this but your sample images do not stand out as unique. (In fact I think I spotted a spelling mistake)
Background removal is yet another very competitive gig, and again your samples do not stand out. The images seem blurry and distorted.
Last but not least, simply judging from the short post you left above, you are sadly not qualified to offer writing gigs.
No matter how many buyer requests you may respond, you need to be good at what you do in order to get sales.

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I didn’t go to your Gig but I have seen many like @zeus777 described so I will assume their assessment is about right and agree that none of these things will help you to stand above the crowd. To get, you have to give.

I will say that after several months of trying to scape scraps off the Buyer Requests floor, I have achieved nothing and found that a) most don’t even respond, b) the few that do expect huge amounts of work for $5 and then ghost if I try to get a Brief or at least a compelling reason to accept work that is 10+ hours for $0.50 ph (less Fiverr’s 20%).

So, I suggest improving what you offer - or finding somewhere your offer is unique and then see what you can do to draw work to you outside of Fiverr where you have more control over how you present yourself (and point em to your gig).

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