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Problems with a purchased Gig


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I recently purchased a Gig that claimed to offer subscribers for a video channel. The order was due to be delivered today. It was deliver in time, but the seller is saying it’ll take 3 days to “update” to the video channel. I’ve never known subscribers to take that long to show up. Now he’s asking for positive feedback. The thing is, the seller only delivered 1% of the promised delivery so far.

I’ve asked for a modification, and suggested a refund since he hasn’t delivered.

How should I handle this? I hate to leave negative feedback for any seller, but am not happy in the least. Can I be refunded after the order is automatically marked as delivered after three days? Will asking for a cancellation due to unsatisfactory delivery affect MY rating?

Advise appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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Reply to @snsharma: So are you recommending that I allow Fiverr to mark the order as complete after three days? Then contact Customer Support?

I’ve already asked the buyer for modification, but I’m certain the service he’s offered isn’t quite up to par. It seems as though he’s wanting the order to auto mark as complete. After that, I’m not certain I have any options for refunds. Is that true?

It wasn’t much money. Should I just consider it a lesson learned and leave negative feedback to other buyers are aware and call it a day.

What would OTHERS do?

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