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What should I do in this situation?

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Hi guys. A buyer contacted me last night with an urgent VO job request and as soon as I saw it hours later (time difference; it was night time where I’m at), I tried to get the requirements and he accepted my job offer (quoting price). After one tweak, I haven’t heard from him since.

Giving him the benefit of the doubt that he’s probably working on it with his client and stuff and have yet to get back to me but just wanted to be prepared in case it’s one of those buyers who runs away after getting what they want. What should I do in this situation ?

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Did he place an order? If not then he won’t if you gave him the work free.

Hopefully you meant that he placed an order and you delivered the completed job to him? If so then everything is ok.

If you mean he did place the order but did not give the requirements then you will need to submit a request to cancel the order for him to accept as you can’t do the job without that.

It sounds like you gave him what he wanted free from the way you described it. Never do work unless they first place an order.

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