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How to get a reply from fiverr support. Hope someone from fiverr customer support will help me!


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Hello, I have a question, How long I have to wait to get a reply from fiverr customer support? It has been almost 3 days I have sent a support message but there is no one for me to reply. Can you please help me?

Here is my support ticket, Please help 😦

Fiverr Customer Support - Ticket #522924

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It depends on the complexity of your issue.

  • Was your message clear, concise and without prejudice?
  • Did you include screenshots to illustrate your issue?

    – Did you get a “verify Request” email?

    – Did you verify?

    After verification, there is a reply sent; “Thanks for getting in touch. We are currently experiencing a high volume of support requests…”

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Guest alluniverse

First requirements of getting fast response from CS is you have to select appropriate category of your problem otherwise your request will move desk to desk which takes extra times.

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