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Why is Your Gig Impression Not growing?

Guest samikhondakar

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Guest samikhondakar

Hey Everyone.! 🙂

As Everybody in the forum is only talking about Gig impression and view I think this is a important thing to let everyone know that not only they are facing the problem, every single person is facing the same problem. 😑
So it can’t be possible to be some kind of account problem as everybody is having the same issue. It’s fiverr’s own bug. They are having some serious bug issues including the gig impression and views from 22nd-23rd Octobor till now.

Some sellers have already informed the support group to solve the issues and they are working on it.
The bug will be fixed within few days. so don’t worry and keep working… 😃

Also there was some previous posts about this. 🙂

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