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Can I get a lil help please


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Hi everyone,
I want to know something about Fiverr Profile and Gig impression for one of my friend.

he is going to visit as a tourist to China from Bangladesh for 7 days. But he just opened his Fiverr Profile and 7 gigs 10 days ago and he was doing marketing even his impression was doing good also. But in China, he can’t be online. So, what can he do and what kind of problem can he face after 7 days??can he increase impressions Again after 7days?


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Hello, he can go into “out of office” mode for the time he is in China. There won’t be any problems when he comes back and can again be online. In fact for a couple of days upon his return his impressions might increase. No worries.

@misscrystal many many thanks a lot ❤️

many ppl gave wrong info outside of forum.I was so confused.

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