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$5 worth more than $60


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My $60 first order was exciting, obviously. After then 4* review was hardly jerking, made me nothing but stuck in mud.

Inevitably, Dashboard got romantic RED rating my profile/account.
“Unable to send any offer against buyer requests” was a plus.

In the mean time, I got the second $5 order from an USA buyer (honorable). He made no request or not any conversation, (gave me no link or admin panel) but directly bought my $5 ‘coming soon page’ package.

And that $5 made the moon in the sky available. So I liked to arrange my “Tavern” using the most popular pro builder with a high popular theme to invite my young USA buyer and created an ideal page; just estimating his common mental needs or imagination. Last night he accepted happily.

Above Story rising climax as he gifted me a 5*-gold review.

Dashboard, now, have a peaceful 5 rating enabling send offers against buyer requests.

My mentor said, “This is called fiverr”.
I like to add, “this is called fiverr algorithm. A bit of change is counted here, and they evaluate each and everything for a seller to make reach one upper.”

This is how $5 makes worth more than a $60 or higher amount. Your job is job even when it is very small.

–thanks fiverr; happy freelancing–
(Plz keep my both buyers in your prayer. Thank you for the patience, forgive my illiteracy)

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