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  1. hi, thanks for your comment. all fields I’ve filled out… I’m frastrated
  2. It shows “update required” after publish a new gig. It’s active but have an exclamatory sign! Not showing in category search result page. Can I take order in this situation? Don’t know why it’s happening exclamatory1248×177 12.4 KB
  3. Order comes randomly, 6 in queue but Gig disappeared. Why??
  4. One of my Gig has been published 2 days ago. But it seems out of fiverr search engine. It can’t be shown while searching for my Gig in the specific category (it shown only once last night in the 3rd page and after that it has gone volatile). Please help me giving any suggestion. Thank you.
  5. @daniyalali582 , I found 3 important things to be implemented in your gig image and with number of total gigs. Rest of the other things are with your gig description and a tricky way to get more views according to fiverr rules.
  6. Just promote gig(s), definitely it will help. But only share on social media you will not be benefitted as it needs now at this moment.
  7. My $60 first order was exciting, obviously. After then 4* review was hardly jerking, made me nothing but stuck in mud. Inevitably, Dashboard got romantic RED rating my profile/account. “Unable to send any offer against buyer requests” was a plus. In the mean time, I got the second $5 order from an USA buyer (honorable). He made no request or not any conversation, (gave me no link or admin panel) but directly bought my $5 ‘coming soon page’ package. And that $5 made the moon in the sky available. So I liked to arrange my “Tavern” using the most popular pro builder with a high popular theme to invite my young USA buyer and created an ideal page; just estimating his common mental needs or imagination. Last night he accepted happily. Above Story rising climax as he gifted me a 5*-gold review. Dashboard, now, have a peaceful 5 rating enabling send offers against buyer requests. My mentor said, “This is called fiverr”. I like to add, “this is called fiverr algorithm. A bit of change is counted here, and they evaluate each and everything for a seller to make reach one upper.” This is how $5 makes worth more than a $60 or higher amount. Your job is job even when it is very small. –thanks fiverr; happy freelancing– (Plz keep my both buyers in your prayer. Thank you for the patience, forgive my illiteracy)
  8. It’s better to fulfill creating 7 Gigs as a new one. Cause algorithm count user lack of skill. impression goes down for that. At least 15 days you ought to keep connected with forum by 5 hrs reading time in a 24hrs day.
  9. How can I get more impression to my specific Gig? I’m a new here.
  10. Check this out: https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/responding-to-buyer-requests Thanks a lot. Helps me great
  11. new seller. How can I convert Buyer requests to order or would make them come into my inbox??
  12. Hi everyone, Im a new one, feeling excited here. What should it better to me as a newcomer??
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