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From local freelancer to Fiverr: feedback on my gig listings?


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Hi Fellow Fiverr community 😎

The past few years I did some freelance work and developed a nice skillset. Now I want to share these skills with more possible clients in short bursts.

I’ve investigated my work process of things I do when creating a digital storytelling campaign for clients and deduced which of these tasks are manageable to do remote and in a short time.

As a result I made 5 gigs that can be found here:

Took the time to take the wordpress test to prove my expertise (missed a few questions, since they test a deprecated version of wp), and made my profile personal.

Any suggestions for improvement?
One of the things I noticed where the shouting title slides that most gigs use. Why do these work? The title is just under it. And worst of all, they are most of the time badly designed, I like the clean (and professional?) look of my profile page now.

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