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Late order but delivered on time...?


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Ok, so I had a client who recently purchased a voice over for $15. I delivered it within the time and they gave me a 5 star review and loved it…shortly after I had another person, without talking to me, place an order with that same script. I asked the new client where they got the script, no response.

I talked to the original client and asked them
If it was ok to do this other project because it is the same script. Through conversation they said it would be fine because they wrote the script and shared it with many people.

I completed the order on time.

The new client had requested a modification and wrote “cancel order my friend already purchased this script”.

I re delivered the product and explained that I already talked with the friend before proceeding and the work I did is a custom, high quality, professional voice over. I asked that they please accept the order.

Now I’m waiting for them to accept but already my order is marked late… will this effect my gig rating? Also, do you think this person was trying to get a free take of the same script? I’m not sure what to do.

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Just to add - both projects were custom although both were the same script. Here was no duplicate delivery or anything like that. Each client got a custom piece. I put in much time to make these prices great!

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You delivered through the delivery button and the client used the revision/modification button? Then no, it won’t count as late as long as your first delivery was on time.

If you check out the Seller Help Center, you can find this on the page about order status:


When an order is rejected, the buyer requires the seller to revise the delivery to fit the buyer’s requirements. The seller is prompted to deliver again and both users are encouraged to communicate on the order page to sort out any issues with the delivery. The seller is not timed on delivering their revisions.

  • As sellers , you will see an orange ribbon on the order page to prompt you to deliver again.
  • A buyer will see a message indicating that revisions were requested to the seller.

Note: The seller is not timed on delivering their revisions.

That orders show as late in such cases (also, for some people, orders that were delivered timely show as late when in a chat window with the client that order was delivered to (but not elsewhere) even without any revisions or anything the like on the table) seems to be a persistent bug (or is on purpose to remind the seller that there’s still a revision to do(?)) but shouldn’t affect your rating.

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Thanks - I believe they were trying to get free work . That seems to be common here, what the heck is up with this ?

Hello! So, did the client eventually accept your delivery? I’m sorry about that issue.I also think the second client wanted to get that vo for free. Some kind of a way out could be watermarking the delivery before getting approval and when they say they’re happy with it - to deliver again.

Kindest regards,


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