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  1. I movie - it comes with a MacBook Pro. It’s free. I was trained on Final Cut Pro when I was in film school. I currently use Adobe Premiere. Adobe is not free.
  2. Welcome! This forum has a ton of knowledge. Enjoy!
  3. Thanks - I believe they were trying to get free work . That seems to be common here, what the heck is up with this ?
  4. Just to add - both projects were custom although both were the same script. Here was no duplicate delivery or anything like that. Each client got a custom piece. I put in much time to make these prices great!
  5. Ok, so I had a client who recently purchased a voice over for $15. I delivered it within the time and they gave me a 5 star review and loved it…shortly after I had another person, without talking to me, place an order with that same script. I asked the new client where they got the script, no response. I talked to the original client and asked them If it was ok to do this other project because it is the same script. Through conversation they said it would be fine because they wrote the script and shared it with many people. I completed the order on time. The new client had requested a modification and wrote “cancel order my friend already purchased this script”. I re delivered the product and explained that I already talked with the friend before proceeding and the work I did is a custom, high quality, professional voice over. I asked that they please accept the order. Now I’m waiting for them to accept but already my order is marked late… will this effect my gig rating? Also, do you think this person was trying to get a free take of the same script? I’m not sure what to do.
  6. I’m sure it will help! You’re welcome 🙂
  7. You are very welcome! Have a great day!
  8. You’re welcome! Thanks for reading and appreciating it 🙂
  9. Welcome!!! Good luck and best wishes to you!
  10. Hey everyone, here is a quick tip to ensure you have customers that come back, especially if you are just starting out here on Fiverr! I am going to speak towards all gigs but I am going to use an example highlighting Voice Over gigs. In the Voice Over industry I get clients who often times ask for a quick read - something under 100 words. They ask for a specific emotion: excited, energetic, ominous… the list goes on. When I am working on a shorter project, one that is not a 400 + word documentary or and E book, I am able to do a couple of different takes with a slight difference to the emotion. For example. Energetic could be portrayed differently for everyone, just as the color red may be seen slightly different to different eyes and different people. So where am I going with this? Give your work away! well, not completely… When a client asks for an order deliver additional files at no extra cost, especially starting out. You may think this is crazy, or too much work, but it is not! It is the same thing any farmer would do when starting a garden, or planting a tree. They would give those new plants additional support, they would put in a little extra work. Why? So they grow and bear fruit! Same thing here. If it takes you an extra 30 minutes or even an hour to deliver one or two additional files/ takes of the project, this will show your client that you actually care and want them to be happy. Even if what you driver to them is not “perfect” in their eyes, they are more willing to purchase a revision or even come back to work with you again because they know you care and want them to have an awesome product. Don’t be trying to blow through the clock and complete a project quickly without offering the client a professional product that is exactly what they want and what they need. Remember, the final product, that you deliver, is your work and the last impression that you will give to the client. I hope this will help you and I wish you all much success! Have an awesome day and go make your clients happy! Do great work!
  11. welcome and have fun! Best wishes to you!
  12. Will this effect my gig placement? My impressions are down but my Conversions have increased… I’m Not sure why this is. https://www.fiverr.com/share/x4Zj1
  13. Welcome! Mmm I enjoy pasta, but yes, it’s nice to add some Veggies:) best wishes !
  14. Welcome ! I used to live in Charlotte, but I’m in PA. Best wishes to you!
  15. Yes! This is a photo from our little garden. Little miracles, started from seed, how delicious and beautiful indeed
  16. Yeah, Ive been targeted like this, unfortunately, allot. Ive been keen to it tho. If people don’t want to purchase a gig over the platform then they are probably wasting your time.
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