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Some messages in order are hidden or deleted automatically

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Hi, I started an order. My client submitted the required files and then reverse clock started. After that my client added some more text details in message on the order page and I acknowledged “Thanks your requirements and infos are received, I have started work, I will let you know if something else is needed”… THATS ALL…!

Second day, I saw from PC, there was no file attached in requirements. But, I tried from mobile app and the files were shown there, so I downloaded those files on order page from mobile app.
But, the additional information that client sent in the message next to submitted requirements is hidden/invisible/deleted from order page and not showing from PC & mobile both.

This is first time happened to me, I also checked the inbox conversation but I surely know it was sent on order page and now it is not there.

Also, fiverr sent me a notification next day: “Review the order requirements now”. I reviewed again same issues…

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