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Should I start now, or wait?

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Hi all! I’ve been a customer on Fiverr, but haven’t yet posted my own gig.

I’m interested in posting gigs to create Pinterest pins, doing Pinterest marketing, and possibly blog post writing or VA services.

I’m not looking to make tons of money on Fiverr. I just enjoy writing and creating. I’ve found that helping others is something I really like to do, and if I can make a few dollars at it, I’ll be happy!

I’m a full-time travel blogger, so I obviously travel frequently. When I’m away, my focus is on taking photos for my website and compliing detailed notes. I often travel to areas with zero or inconsistent WiFi for weeks on end.

So, Fiverr friends. Should I hold off on creating my first gig until the fall when I won’t be traveling so much?

I have a couple of weeks available right now, and after a blogging conference at the end of this month I’ll have a few weeks until I’ll literally be in the middle of nowhere with no WiFi. Then I’m free until December.

Should I hold off on posting a gig with a one- or two-day turnaround (Pinterest graphics)? Or should I wait until Autumn when I have months of open availability?

Thanks in advance for any and all advice!

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Personally, I think there’s no point in holding off. Fiverr has the “out of office” or something functions and you can always pause your gigs and then reactivate them. So maybe that would be an option you cool look into. Then again, from personal experience with freelancing even before Fiverr, sometimes there are no clients for days on end, so if you miss the crucial days that could have really helped you take off, might be a bigger loss in the long run, in which case it would be better to wait just the two months.

In the end, I don’t think you can make a big mistake here. Just go with what you feel like doing and just adapt from there, I guess

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I think this is the immediate action which you should have to take. no mater how much you travel. The email service can let you know for the order you receive. and your time limit on your gig can make it flexible for you to finish that order in time.

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