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Make a tip WITHOUT asking for a tip!


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If you offer something work buying, Fiverr makes it incredibly for you to make the sale. But the $4 gross revenue from one $5 sale isn’t that much money at all. Even the $1 that Fiverr makes per sale probably barely keeps the lights on for them. The question everyone asks is how can we ALL make more money selling on Fiverr?

So far, the go-to answer has been to add Gig extras. Upselling is a great way to provide your customers more value with their purchase. It’s easy when you are a writer and upsell each 100 words, or a videographer who can upsell by the video minute.

But what does a Fiverr seller do when it’s not clear how to add value to their Gig? It looks like sellers are now moving towards asking for a tip as a Gig Extra. But does this really work? I’d love to hear from Sellers out there if they are finding any success with this method of upselling.

If adding a tip Gig Extra isn’t for you, isn’t working for you or Fiverr isn’t allowing you to add this to your Gig portfolio, I’d like to brainstorm with you some alternatives to ASKING FOR A TIP, WITHOUT ASKING FOR A TIP.

Here is an idea...

No matter what you sell, add a $5 Thank You Note gig extra...

"For $5 I will create a personalized note to thank YOU for appreciating my work"

Then print out a simple thank you note, and take a quick selfie. I've attached an example to this post. My photo example is far from Museum Quality, but it's better than nothing. Maybe better than simply asking for a tip? You may be able to softly suggest that your buyers can buy "a few" thank you notes.

What do you think?
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For my tip gig, I make a cute little digital thank you card and send it through when I deliver the gig. I’m sure the buyer doesn’t do anything with it, but basic manners should still apply, even over the internet. When they’re kind enough to leave a tip, I like to give something, however small and insignificant in return.

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