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The Hopeless Freelancer :(


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Hello everyone,
I am as a seller on fiverr since 2018. From 2018 till now i took alot of breaks in between as I was not familiar with fiverr. Now I wish to get orders, but unfortunately I’m not getting any order. As I am trying on buyers requests to send offers, but still I am not getting any positive results.

I am feeling a bit hopeless now, as I am level zero seller and I have zero ratings on my gigs. Kindly help me understand, is this affecting my gig’s impression on buyers to be of level zero and having no ratings?


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As most and probably someone will say, read the forum for tips and strategies. There is a lot of resources on here. Just do the work and look through all the posts.

Let me have a look at your gig and maybe I can give you some advice.

Alright so at first glance on your profile…

Your description could use improvement. It has spelling and grammar errors. Also using words like “SUPER DUPER SELLER” is most likely going to act like a repellent. Try to improve some of these details in your description.

Your Gigs
I see you have 2 business card design gigs. Both are $10, but one says youll design a professional business card, and the other says an impressive business card. You should only have 1 business card design gig. I believe this is against the rules to have duplicate gigs, however it’s also a drawback if a customer sees these two gigs next to each other as I’m seeing.

Another thing is you have 1 gig for red eye removal, and another for skin beauty improvement.
Now while there is benefits to creating very specific niches, I would advise you not to do this. In my opinion you should include both of those gigs as one. I’m not sure there will be many buyers to pay $20 for red eye removal, when most camera’s, phones, apps, and computers all have programs that can do this at a click of a button.

I think having one gig that offers multiple features to select from would be much nicer than paying only for that one specific thing. For example if someone did have a red eye picture… but they also wanted to have their skin touched up… They would have to buy your red eye removal gig for $20, then purchase your 2nd gig for $30 to have it touched up… This is very inconvenient to the buyer, costly for you, and just not practical.

There is a boatload of tips for you, but you should really clean up your gigs and make them practical for buyers. I am not going to bother viewing and giving tips for each gig you have. I hope you will read this and understand some of the tips I am giving.

Hope this helps!

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Don’t say things like “I have joined fiverr to become its ‘SUPER DUPER SELLER’” It makes you look like a scammer and it’s unprofessional. Don’t use all-caps. Write things that showcase your value and demonstrate what you help clients achieve.

In business you have to prove your value to people. You’re declaring you have value without backing it up. That makes people suspicious and prevents you from standing out among your competition.

I would strongly advise you to improve your English or at least hire a proofreader to correct your English before you publish things on your profile and gigs. A lot of buyers are concerned about communication issues complicating their order. If an English speaker could choose between a seller with strong English and a seller with poor English for the same price, there is a good chance they will choose the seller with better English.

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i started with fiverr as a seller since 2016. i opened an account, create 3 or 4 gigs, create a large portfolio, install fiverr mobile app and then i concentrate my own work. i kept fiverr as a learning source as well as an optional earning source. seven months later i got my first order and after one year i got my second order and first feedback. i took vacations many times. today my profile has 208 feedback with almost 205 five stars. not a good figure but i do work in fiverr regularly nowadays. don’t lose hope. fiverr is just a online marketplace. please wait for right time.

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