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  1. Hi, I have worked for a client and he is going to pay me using my Payoneer account details. So when he submitted the payment, Payoneer asked him to wait untill approval and I got an email that was asking for details about my business and why the client is paying me. I filled that form and mentioned Fiverr as my main website where I work and told everything about my service and payment reason. Now I am here to ask you people that is this valid to mention Fiverr there? I mean have you experienced such projects? Have you ever worked for someone using this way? Or there is a risk included? What you think? Will Payoneer allow my balance Transfer or will contact Fiverr for this secret payment? Please clear this. Thank you
  2. I'm totally agree with you, gig description matters a lot. Sellers should must learn from Fiverr forum or YouTube videos that how they should write a professional and convincing gig description. https://youtu.be/CrYFbC2FImU
  3. Hello bro This video will help you rank your Gigs on first page and get you your first order. Watch this and thanks me later 😌
  4. This video will help you rank your Gigs on first page. Thanks me later 😌
  5. Hello everyone, for the past 2 months I’m really worried about my profile description cuz I think the reason behind not getting orders from the clicks I receive is my profile description and I’ve changed it many times but I can’t see any positive outcomes. Today I’m planning to change my current profile description to new one. And I’m going to show it to you people first. So once you all approve it, comment on it and tell me if something is wrong or missing then I will use it. Until then, I’ll wait. so here’s it: "Hello, My name is Hamza. I’m a full-time freelance graphic designer with great experience in the design industry. I’m detail oriented and a perfectionist so you’ll be sure to get the best looking design possible. I pride myself on: Clear communicationIndustry StandardsQuality workFriendly service100% satisfactionAnd I love questions so please feel free to contact me anytime. I look forward to collaborating with you. Thank you" Hmm, so how was that? please tell me if you notice something wrong or informal. I’ll be very grateful to you people. Thank you very much! Hamza
  6. Hello everyone! I have changed my profile description several times but I don’t know what to say about myself in that section. I’m really confused about mentioning my skills there as you can see I am not offering something that belongs to a single category. And also please tell me is that ok if I call myself as Video maker, graphic designer, photo editor etc at the same time? Also please suggest me if you have any good ideas for my profile description. Thank you for your help Hamza
  7. Hello everyone, I’m here to get better ideas from you guys and improve my gigs in accordance with. Please check my gigs and let me know what do you think is not right or needs to be fixed. I want to get some suggestions and improve my gigs so I’ll not receive clicks that are without responses on my gigs. Thank you…
  8. Oh! Thank you ma’am. Thank you
  9. I’ve already completed the level zero requirements that are 400$, 10 orders, 60 days seniority and 30 days without TOS warning. But still I can’t see a level one badge on my profile. What you think?
  10. Can you please tell me about the lyrics video making service? Is this a good niche for earning?
  11. Wow! Do you think that’ll work? I’m going for that! Thank you man
  12. Hmm good idea. Mgar lyrics wazeh na hwe to phir bhi masla hota.
  13. What do you mean by after you reset it? Please tell me if it’s safe or not. I want to use this without getting any TOS Warning. Shukria
  14. This is Alan Walker’s song. I want to show my lyrics talent to viewers. so I tried using a song in the background and adding lyrics onto it, in the video. Please tell me should I use such video? Or it’s not allowed, as there’s a song that don’t belong to me. I don’t want to get a TOS warning so I tried asking experts first. please share your thoughts. thank you
  15. Keep checking every hour. Buyer requests are distributed worldwide and there are different time for different regions. Don’t know when in your region will its time will. In start, you’ve to check it often. Once you notice the time. Keep checking buyer request section that time every day. And it don’t have any relation with completed jobs. It’s all about timing.
  16. Every Expert was once a Beginner! Hay, why are you thinking like that? come on we all started late. I think there’s no one who joined Fiverr after Fiverr’s start up. Lol It’s never late, and don’t worry about no orders. You are talking about weeks, here you’ll find sellers waiting for months just for their first order. I got my first order after about 14 months on fiverr. (Remember, I’m not telling you all this to demotivate you and you just give up) And please now don’t think that you’ll also get an order after some months. Because it’s not the time duration that brings you sales, it’s on your struggle. Try sending 10/10 buyer requests every day, try improving your gigs, try reaching customers via social media. You may get an order right in the next hour AND you may also not get a single order for YEARS! So try working for it! Keep improving! Thank You
  17. I got my first order approximately after a year or 14 months. It was a result of a buyer request and was a 90$ order. I completed the work and when delivered it, the buyer went offline and after three days the order went completed by itself (fiverr automatically completed that). After a day or so, the buyer contacted me asked for some revisions in inbox. I did what he was asking and thus he left with a “Thank You”. Auto completed orders don’t have reviews, so I was really not happy with that experience. Lol Wish you all best of luck. ** Never Give Up! **
  18. Thank you for this kind suggestion. Thank you again
  19. I’ve did some research on gig primary photos and designed them in accordance with lots of ideas and people’s suggestions. I was not receiving any good number of clicks on my gigs so I tried changing all of my gig photos. I’m posting here to get some comments from forum community and improve my gig. Please check my gig photos and tell me how they are? Will it bring clicks on my gigs? Are they eye catching? Noticable? Or need some changes? Please help me improve my gigs. Thank you for your time
  20. Can you please mention some niches that you think are in demand?
  21. Tip: Suggest you do not address others as bro, dear, sister, mate, etc. as lots of people don’t like it and it will put many buyers off. Calling one bro, sis etc is my habit but thanks for this golden advice. I’ll be careful in future!
  22. Response time is something that counts to when you respond to new messages. It’ll not be affected by late delivery, yeah it has an impact on order completion. If you cancel order(s) it affects your order completion rate by a particular percentage. The good news is: the effect is totally removed after 60 days. I mean you’ll have 100% order completion rate after 60 days without doing anything! Don’t complain, Enjoy the Pain!
  23. We are not able to increase or decrease the number of buyer requests. We only get what the system provides us. When you find some buyers request at buyers request section. Note the time and try to check for buyer request daily on that particular time. You’ll see difference in number of requests as time passes by.
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