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Fiverr Platform Defects

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Gradually, the Fiverr platform is being ruined. Is the verification process is just a means by Fiverr to reduce the number of accounts on their platform or is it actually working?
Fiverr’s Customer Support has never been able to give anyone I know a convincing reason why their account was disabled. They just say misrepresentation and quote sections of their terms of service but what does that actually mean?
They fail to know that there are Fiverr buyers who use thesame IP because they use thesame connection. There are alot of other things which they don’t understand, yet the only form of discipline they know is to blockage of one’s account without any concrete reason.
It is a sad situation and at the level at which they are going, they will be shocked with the results.
The earlier they revise their terms, the better for us all!

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