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Over 100 GIGS DELIVERED!......and counting


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Hello Fiverrians?, Fiverreenians? Fiverrans?..0_o…-_-…Hello people!

I am a proud level two sellers, (praying for level three and top seller Fiverr!!!), who just burst through the 100 gig ceiling with flying colors and no signs of slowing down! I wanted to share the invaluable gifts that I’ve received from Fiverr since becoming a seller on Fiverr.

The very first thing I noticed, about two months ago, is I have gained unimaginable real world experience in a field where it would be almost impossible to get any in. I mean doing jingles is easy, fun, and simple in between the; performances, studio visits, and radio appearances. I’ve connected with a lot of people who focused more so on my lyrical talents, energy, and delivery and not so much on the genre they believe me to be in because of my heritage. I’ve had the pleasure of delivering amazing country, jazz, skat, skits, and funny antics on jingles that have satisfied buyers who in turn satisfy me with a shower of praise…(I promise it doesn’t go to my head)…well maybe a little. This has given me physical proof of what I’m capable of. With the capability to even show what the buyer thought of the jingle!!! Fiverr you are just too freakin awesome for your own good! xD

Okay, enough of the monkey business. Moving on.

The next thing I’ve picked up and pocketed from Fiverr is contacts, contacts, contacts, and more contacts. It’s crazy how many people I’ve connected with. Whether it’s writing a SEO friendly PR or creating an amazing relevant jingle. I’ve maintained some form of contact with the buyers outside of the sale, and have even been able to get repeat buyers that way. Needless to say connecting is a big part of expanding and that philosophy goes well in any business.

The last skill I’ve honed on Fiverr, and I promise to be out of your hair after this, is the ability to sell and do it well. I’ve successfully turned several Fiverrs into 20x that. And it always feels good to get payed more for what you love to do. I use to be shy when it came to the business end of things. Letting my creative side shine more than my intellectual side. Numbers and contracts don’t confuse me by no means. I just always found business to be so off putting until Fiverr taught me to truly value what I do. If it wasn’t for Fiverr I probably would have still been listening at the radio commercials thinking to myself I could do better. For that Fiverr deserves a round of applause and a very hearty pat on the back…but you can’t pat it on the back…remember…it’s a website…but still I’m happy it taught me to earn money from home!

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Guest predyxx

nehe.Good job,keep the good work.Hope i will get to your level,i like 13 days on fiver , started really well but for the last 3 days i sold nothing for some rison.Anyways gratz and keep it up

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