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Reply to @thushakona:

I assume you are talking about withdrawing money in your Fiverr account that you have earned from selling your Fiverr Gigs.

To do this:

  1. Login to Fiverr.
  2. Click on the “Sales” link at the top of the page, near the Right side.
  3. In the menu along the RIght side, click “Revenues”.
  4. Near the top of the page, below the “Header”, you will see the “Revenues” section, sith a “Box” showing how nuch money you have:

  5. The amount shown as AVAILABLE FUNDS is the amount you will be able to Withdraw.
  6. About center from left to right, just below that box, you will see:

  7. Click on the [PAYPAL ACCOUNT] button.
  8. On the page that opens, enter your PAYPAL ID (Email Address), in two places.
  9. Make sure to double and tripple check that the email address you enter is typed correctly, and that it is the email address you have associated with your PayPal account.
  10. Read the “Important information” that is shown. It says:

    “IMPORTANT! We will not be able to recover funds sent to the wrong address, please make sure the information you enter is correct.”
  11. You must “Agree” in order to proceed with Withdrawing funds to PayPal.
  12. If you agree and wish to proceed then…
  13. Check the box that says: “I UNDERSTAND AND AGREE.” and click the “CONNECT TO PAYPAL” button.
  14. Follow the prompts to complete your withdraw to PayPal.

    The money should be available in your PayPal account nearly immediately, but it could take a few minutes, or up to a few days depending on how the payment from Fiverr to PayPal is funded. You should receive a notification from PayPal if there will be any significant delay.
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Hi and welcome.

IMO, the first mistake most newbies make is starting with too many gigs, and multiple gigs with the same offer and duplicate content.

Until you know how the Fiverr system works, what buyers look for in an offer, the challenges associated with buyers, how to deliver successfully and how to manage your account, there’s no need for more than 1,2 or 3 gigs.

You don’t need multiple “create a logo” gigs. Each time you duplicate an offer, you dilute the offer. It’s better to have 1 “create a logo” gig and test it to see what buyers want, and then tweak your “create a logo” gig to the demands of the market, and expand it to meet those needs.

One of the goals on Fiverr is to Level up and add Extras which make your gig more desirable to buyers and more profitable for you. By diluting your offer with duplicate gigs, it takes mathematically longer for anyone gig to Level Up.

It can take weeks and even months for one gig to take hold and start to roll. Having 20 gigs at start up is like herding cats.

Good luck!

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Reply to @cheezees:

I had the same reaction too. But to be honest I am not sure

what she is trying to say.

thushakona, you really need to have someone check/fix your grammar.

If you have problem with grammar, the buyers tend to avoid you

since they get worried about having miscommunication problems.

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Hi, I see you still have 20 gigs with no sales, same as you did back on 11/26/2013.

Try taking a step back and with 1 or 2 gigs.

Work on your descriptions. There is no content in your descriptions. Explain exactly what you’re offering and exactly what the buyer will get.

Consolidate your logo gigs and offer the service in one gig. This would beef up your description.

Some gig photos are blurry, not a good representation of quality.

Good luck!

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The OP apparently didn’t read or even consider my response on 11/26/2013 about too many logo gigs, the copy and paste descriptions, etc. A week has gone by and the OP is back again asking for help.


There several Top Rated Sellers doing logos, with 100% ratings, who have thousands of sales on Fiverr with only 1, 2 or 3 logo gigs.

Clean up your presence on Fiverr. Get serious about your marketing with good content in your descriptions, great photo samples and promote off Fiverr. Give it a month or two and see if that doesn’t help.

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I think perhaps she is trying to showcase different logo examples with all of the different gigs, but I agree, there is no need for all of those logo gigs. If the OP is trying to showcase different examples, you can display more than one work sample on a gig.

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Batch Convert MXF from USB to Final Cut Pro X

I bought a Canon FX100 camcorder last week for daily video recording. I am really a green hand in this area, so I record a lot of videos everyday for practice and save them in my USB. Yesterday, I prepared to put them into my Final Cut Pro X for further postproduction. When I convert MXF files to MOV for FCP X, a new problem came - I had difficulties in converting many MXF files at the same time from my USB. But fortunately I ran into a nice converter which is able to batch convert MXF from USB to Final Cut Pro X.

Aunsoft TransMXF for Mac is a fantastic application with powerful functions and high performace.

It can convert MXF files to MOV, AVI, MP4, MKV and so on for many popular editing software, such as Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer and so on. It’s also able to work completely to convert MXF for devices like iphone, ipad, Sumsang and so on.

Aunsoft TransMXF for Mac can split a long file into several short parts and keep its high quality. Also, merging into one file is allowed with this software!

Batch Convert Canon FX 100 MXF to Final Cut Pro X

Step one. Drag or add the MXF files directly from USB to its concise interface. (Free download Aunsoft TransMXF for Mac)

Step two. Select the output format. (I chose Apple ProRes 422 MOV, because this format is compatible to Final Cut Pro X.)

Step three. Adjust the setting with your specific needs. You may change the codec, size, bitrate, frame rate of the video and the codec, sample rate, bitrate, and channel of its audio.

Step four. If you had finished your format selecting and setting, you just need to check all the files and click the yellow arrow button to start the batch conversion of Canon FX 100 MXF from USB to Final Cut Pro X.

Lastly, when I put it into my Final Cut Pro X, it turns out to be in a good running.

By the way, I also tried Aunsoft TransMXF on my windows PC, and it also works well!

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