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Private Notes in INBOX would be Awesome

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Can the INBOX area have its own “Private Notes” feature? This would be separate from the Private Notes feature that already exists on the gig page.


Why is this needed? A NOTES feature in the InBox area would supplement the “Follow Up” and “Nudge” tags which I also use.

USE CASE #1: I will do follow-ups with previous buyers (many of my buyers are repeat buyers… but some do not have active gigs from time to time) and I’ll do research to see if a future gig fits their unique situations.

USE CASE #2: Potential buyers will sometimes need details I must follow up on before I win that future sale.

In both cases, critical bits of details I’ll need to reference on a future day are much higher in the message thread and this takes time to locate. Sometimes I wonder why I tagged something as “Follow Up” and I will not find these details and I will not reply back because I think to myself: “Oh… I already followed up.” Then, the buyer (or potential buyer) rightfully gets angry because they were expecting a reply. I want to save time, ensure I no longer fail to get back to people, and, most importantly, serve more customers faster. This simple feature would help me win more buyers and keep existing customers happier.

Can a Private Notes feature be added to the InBox area?

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