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I sometimes dont like to come into the Fiverr Forum because there are so many negative discussions about Customer Support. However, in lieu of this, I wanted to write my own review of Customer Support to let other Sellers know of my EXCELLENT Customer Support as of a few days ago.

I truly dont want to get into the details too much, but I will say I was having a problem and not only did someone named Sheana From Customer Support get right back to me, but she also went the extra mile and helped on a another additional issue I was having and helped me on that one as well.

For all of you people who get discouraged about Fiverrs Customer Support, please let me say that I have been here with Fiverr for over a year and a half and have never had any problem with Fiverr Customer Support.

I am a Second Level Seller and have had numerous repeat clients and customers alike through out this past year and a half. I too, try to go the extra mile for my customers and because of this, my customers always give really good and outstanding reviews.

Because I know what it feels like to get such great reviews I just wanted to take the time today and give credit where credit is due.

Sheana from Customer Support truly went the extra mile for me and I am extremely, extremely thankful. If it were not for her help I dont know what I would have done. She stayed with me through the process and I truly felt like I mattered to her.

There have been in the past, a time or two that Ive had to contact Customer Support and have always gotten really wonderful results. But as there are so many people here on this forum that complains about Customer Support, I wanted to make sure and give a excellent review for others to see that there is true help here.

In addition, I want everyone to know that yes sometimes Customer Support gets backed up between all of us here (THERES A LOT OF US HERE) and yes it may take a minute for them to get back to you, but they always have for me and they’ve always treated me like a human and not just a name on the screen.

Sheana, if you are reading this… My applause to you and gratefulness… You really made me feel so much better and helped in a tremendous way… Again, thank you!!

I hope all who reads this has a most excellent day and thank you for your time!

Fiverr Support does help us Sellers, I have proof of that 🙂

All the best!


aka: meichelle2408

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I have sent many requests to support. Each and every one has been responded to in a timely fashion and the response was clear and professional.

I suspect you get out of CS what you put into it.

Judging by the rude, aggressive, incoherent rants on the forum, I imagine that’s exactly how some folks actually communicate when writing to CS.


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Its fiverr support, Love em or hate em. I personally love their decision. Because they are neutral. If I make any mistake they point it out which helps me not to do it again. I learned a lot from my mistakes and fiverr support as well as the forum community helped.

Fiverr Rocks. :)>-

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So happy to come back here and see all the wonderful comments! Now THIS is what Im talking about!! Its so fun to see happy people!! In the past, the more often I came to the Fiverr Forum the more discouraged I was getting as so many grumble and complain. When I had this awesome experience I just had to share so others could see too and so I could give credit where credit is due!! Sheana did an awesome job and really made me feel valued as a Fiverr Seller! Ive always had good results with Customer Service, but really that day she went above and beyond! Yes, Fiverr Rocks 😉

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Hi, I also have good experience with customer support, despite my same sort of cancellation related queries. Jenny and Bob and few others are very quick to point me out about working on the issue. They are all human like us, sometimes even they can’t come up with solution and that’s okay.

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