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Rejecting mutual cancellation


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I’m sure someone has asked this questions somewhere but I can’t seem to find it,

so I might as well ask again.

If a buyer asks for a mutual cancellation, and the seller rejects it, what happens???

I know, I know, I’m just being a big baby here, but since we sometimes have the misfortune of getting those

"I just ordered a $100 gig BY MISTAKE :^o please cancel, so sorry" buyers who does that just to get

on our nerves, I was wondering if there is anything that could be done about them. :-?

I won’t do anything childish like rejecting their request just to get back at them ( even though I’d love to! 😛 )

but I am still curious of what is going to happen if I do reject.

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I’ve rejected cancellation requests before (for legitimate reasons) and it’s just put the gig back on the timer for me to complete it.

I’ve not done it to the guys that you’re talking about though. I was really tempted with one of them but he disputed it through PayPal before I had a chance to do anything about the cancellation. I guess these guys will just send the dispute through PayPal, even though they shouldn’t, just to get their money back. I often wonder if they’re doing that anyway since otherwise the money stays in their Fiverr accounts.

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Hmmm, I see.

So I guess in the end, we won’t gain anything, maybe just have the opportunity to

annoy them for a few seconds and that’s it.

Oh well, I’ll try not to get upset with those scammers.

They must be such sad and lonely and bitter and miserable people with no friends. :-((

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