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Impossible to get my Fiverr account back?


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Hey guys,

I’ve had to post this on a dead account as I cannot log into my proper account and there’s very little that I’ve found in terms of fixing that.

The website lacks the ability to contact anyone about problems you may have with Fiverr, I’m constantly receiving the message: “you seem to be unable to receive the verification code.” when trying to reset my password (since i forgot it).

My phone works fine and the sim card is there, theres no way to bypass this phone verification and theres lack of information on what to really do about it. I’ve got money in my account I would like to get out sometime.

Would be great if i could get some human contact in solving this problem, anything at all.


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Hey Jessy,

Thanks for the help but what exactly am I looking for on CS? I’ve been there but no help

Hey dizzystores,

You can get human support by sending an email to support@fiverr.com

They usually take upto 2 days’ time to reply back to you.

They’re your last resort. I don’t think anyone on the forum can help you out with this. 🙁

Good luck!

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